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ALPAGE : Diachronic analysis of Parisian urban space. A new approach to the urban environment, truly integrating the spatial dimension, including disciplines such as computer vision, geomatic, archeogeography and pattern recognition.
  • A Content Based Image Retrieval Method Using A Graph Representation

    8 August 2008, by Romain Raveaux
    Here, we propose an automatic approach to annotating and retrieving images. We assume that regions in an image can be described using a small vocabulary of blobs. Blobs are generated from image features using clustering. Each image sees its blobs structured into a graph, a blob adjacency graph. This representation is used to perform a similarity search into an image set. Hence, the user can express his need by giving a query image, and thereafter receiving as a result all similar images.

  • Two Colour Segmentation Methods and A vectorization process

    30 July 2008, by Romain Raveaux
    Basically, from a pixel classification stage a suitable colour model is set up. A hybrid colour space is built by choosing meaningful components from several standard colour representations. Thereafter, a segmentation algorithm is performed. The region extraction is executed by a vectorial gradient dealing with hybrid colour space. From this point, a merging mechanism is carried out. It is based on a multi-graphs data structure where each graph represents a different point of view of the region layout. Hence, merging decisions can be taken considering graph information.

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